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G00d th0ughts

Good thoughts.

1. don't drive faster than your guardian angel

2. make a fore-plan: it wasn't raining yet when Noah built the ark

3. revenge don't make us feel better: just like drinking sea water when you're thirsty

4. the meaning of happiness is up to what you expect it to be

5. don't be afraid of your dream: its easier than you think

6. scientists say "in every four there's one that's nuts": try checking 3 other friends, if they're fine then YOU'RE nuts

7. give your smile to everyone, but give your heart to only one :)

8. sometimes the best help you can give is a big push (pushing him in doing things they've been hesitating about, i mean)

9. tears give you sympathy, but sweat gives you success

10. the best thing in this life is not an object

11. give two thing to your child
one:a good base/foundation, two: wings to spread n fly

12. the best exercise for our heart is getting down, helping others to get up

13. a person might do a lot of wrongs in life, but it becomes a failure only when they start to blame others

14. a good fiend is someone who think you're a good egg, even though you're slightly cracked

15. this is a ways to find out if your duty in this world has ended: if you're still alive its NOT OVER!!!

16. life can learn from looking back, but to live life you must look forward

17. being in this world uses a lot of expenses ( at least you get to go around the sun for free)

18. there's no wrong people going rich, but the wrong starts when richness starts to control people

19. we feel good being important, but its more important being good

20. only dead fish "GOES WITH THE FLOW"

21. a value of a person shows through the way they treat the person they don't want

22. face up to the sun and you'll never see the shadow

23. only the weak cannot forgive, forgiving is a trait of the strong

24. the word "LISTEN" uses the exact same set of letters with the word "SILENT"

25. there's no passenger on a ship called "earth", we're all "ship crew"

26. there's no strangers in this world, there's only friends we've not yet met

27. when you speak the truth, then there's no need for memorizing something

28. a kid needs to be nice to when they're not being nice
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